Terms of order

1. Booking and payment

Reservations can be made by email, post or phone. Jahti Oy invoices 40% of the total price as a booking fee in connection with the booking. Only by paying the booking fee will you ensure that our boats are securely booked for your event. The final 60% of the total amount will be invoiced just before the event.

2. Change of booking and sailing event

If the customer needs to postpone the event date, we will always first try to change the time without extra costs. The success of the changes depends on our booking situation. Timely changes are usually successful. If the date of the event cannot be changed, the event can be moved to the next season. If the customer wants to move the event from the low season to the peak season, Jahti Oy has the right to increase the price of the event.

3. Cancellation of the booking

All bookings can be canceled at no cost 2 months prior to the event. If the cancellation takes place 1-2 months before the event, Jahti Oy will charge 25% of the total price for the event (in practice, return part of the booking fee). If the cancellation takes place 1 week to 1 month before the event, Jahti Oy will charge 40% of the total price of the event (keep the booking fee). Cancellations made less than a week before the event date will be charged at full price.