Additional services and options

In addition to offering a truly memorable sailing experience with s/y Belmont, we are happy to tailor each charter to fit the needs and wishes of our customers. Please find below a few of the different services and options we can offer to give an additional dimension to the sailing experience.

Guest speaker – Hjallis Harkimo

Start off your memorable sail with the historical Swan 51 by having Hjallis Harkimo himself tell firsthand about the incredible challenges and experiences he had while sailing alone around the world with s/y Belmont.

Gourmet chef

Have a professional chef prepare a delicious lunch and/or dinner during your sail, or participate in the cooking experience to learn the secrets of gourmet cooking at sea.

Sail & sauna

What better way to round off an unforgettable day of sailing than sauna-bathing in a traditional Finnish sauna? We offer several different alternatives for different size groups both in the Helsinki region and in the Turku archipelago.

Sail & dine

Enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner at one of the exotic restaurants on one of the islands right outside downtown Helsinki. This could be the culmination of a great morning sail or full day sail.

Top sailor

Have one of the internationally acclaimed Finnish top sailors join you and your team to make the sail a true learning experience.

s/y Belmont Racing Calendar

S/y Belmont offers a truly unique racing experience where each member of the crew get’s a handson training on how to race with this size of Swan.

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s/y Belmont charter experience

This is a unique opportunity to sail with the historical Swan 51 s/y Belmont and experience Helsinki from the sea. Bring your family, friends or the key customers of your company out for an unforgettable sail in the archipelago outside Helsinki.

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Swan 51Challenge

The Swan 51 Challenge is a unique sailing experience in which team work and team spirit are developed by racing with two Swan 51 yachts. In addition to the activities which take place on the water, we offer the possibility for sailing training, food & drinks and sauna.

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