30th anniversary of
The BOC Challenge

The jubilee took place in 2017 and consisted of a number of events. The highlight of the jubilee was the 30th Anniversary event held on the 17th of June in the heart of Helsinki.

Re-fit of s/y Belmont in spring 2017

With 31 years and well over 100 000 nm later, it was time for s/y Belmont to get a proper face lift. Therefore, the anniversary year began with a sizable re-fit of the boat. The re-fit took place at the same place where s/y Belmont once was built, in Jakobstad, over a period of three months in the spring. The biggest part of the whole re-fit was carried out by over 50 volunteers, of which several were either current or former Nautor employees. In addition, a number of local suppliers gave their support to the re-fit project by supplying parts and gave services free of charge.

The re-fit project consisted of work on everything from the keel to the mast, with major works done with removing the warn out old teak deck, which was replaced with a new.

“It was very nice to see how the community in Jakobstad came together to help out with the refit of s/y Belmont”

— Joakim Hildén, Refit Manager

30th Anniversary Jubilee event
17th of June 2017

To the day 30 years after s/y Belmont and Harry “Hjallis” arrived back to Helsinki from their circumnavigation, a great celebration was held in Helsinki. Just as 30 years earlier s/y Belmont arrived at the Market Square downtown in Helsinki for a warm welcome. In the evening a party was held at the Hernesaaren Ranta with speeches held by Hjallis himself, and other key persons of the project.

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